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Simplifying the Purchase Process in Israel
  • Wanting help finding your dream apartment?
  • Looking for an investment property but don’t know where to begin?
  • Needing trustworthy assistance throughout the process with an apartment you already found?
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed by absolutely everything related to buying in Israel?
  • Seeking to clarify your vision and figure out what works best for you?

Now you can breathe easier

ADVOCACY-ONLY SERVICES: for those who’ve already found apartments but need support in the purchase process FULL BROKERAGE & ADVOCACY: for those who need the apartment and the guidance to along the way



Locating, researching, advising


  • Listen to you, creating a unique picture of your wants and needs.
  • See a thorough understanding of your preferences as prerequisites to finding the perfect place.
  • Are exclusive to you, searching independently and impartially for apartments, without ties to specific listings, developers, projects, or agencies.
  • View in-depth research as essential
  • Provide a perspective on all the nuances, coming from 15+ years’ experience.
  • Care about your budget and bottom line, never pushing or pressuring.
  • Send you regular updates, including photos and/or video tours.
  • Create a competitive analysis, with cost comparison tables and price breakdowns so you’ll know the true value of a place.
  • Help you make informed decisions based on real facts — not scare tactics.
  • Believe in true wins: when both sides are happy with the outcome.
  • Stand with you even after the contract is signed, until you’ve got the keys in hand.


Guiding, representing, empowering


  • Arrange a vetted mortgage broker; get your homeowner’s loan on the best possible terms.
  • Review your contract for weaknesses and other issues.
  • Include our unique appendix & clauses in the contract to protect you.
  • Assist with service providers (banks, appraisers, and others), ensuring you get the best possible service.
  • Communicate with all parties on your behalf; you only need to speak with us.
  • Connect you with a trusted lawyer and manage those communications on your behalf.
  • Process payments by opening bank accounts, meeting payment schedules, remitting fees, and more.
  • Do the paper shuffle for you by handling the bureaucracy.
  • Coordinate & collaborate with all the other pros you need (architects, contractors, designers, engineers, and more).
  • Believe in true wins: when both sides are happy with the outcome.
  • Follow up as long as necessary, safeguarding your rights & entitlements.

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