Your Questions, Answered

What's the point of a buyer's broker and advocate?

The Getter Group supports you throughout the purchase process, so you can maximize your money and buy a home successfully, smoothly, and smartly. We help you navigate the Israeli system, ensuring you don’t get lost in bureaucracy or taken advantage of by someone looking for “greenhorns.” Someone who doesn't live here or hasn’t bought here can't get the same results as someone who's done it hundreds of times. It’s the difference between having a top-notch attorney defending you in the courtroom and doing it yourself… When you make informed choices, you end up happier in the long run.

What's the difference between The Getter Group and a regular real estate broker?

The Getter Group isn’t constrained to particular lists, sellers, or projects, so we impartially search all available housing, without obligations. After you’ve chosen a place, we protect your rights and interests through relentless advocacy, until the keys are in your hands (and beyond, if necessary). You'll receive guidance and assistance throughout, helping you make empowered, educated decisions.

What’s the difference between The Getter Group and a lawyer?

A lawyer reviews documents and contracts for legality, ensuring all paperwork is governmentally compliant. A lawyer can add clauses requested by a seller. The Getter Group researches everything (the apartment, building, developer, and so on) before reaching contract — and makes specific recommendations about clauses to include in the contract. We even have a unique appendix that covers many nuanced areas of the purchase. (The buyer doesn’t have to figure these out himself.) Advocacy is about helping the buyer understand exactly what he’s getting, what the true value of the property is, and under what terms it’s being acquired. We stand with the buyer before the lawyer enters the picture — and long after he completes his part of the process.

I feel I’ll be limiting myself with The Getter Group. Won’t I have so many more options if I do this myself?

Working with The Getter Group actually expands your horizons. We’re not tied to specific developers, projects, or sellers, and we can do a tremendous amount of personally-tailored background research that an individual can’t. We make our clients aware of options they might otherwise never have known existed.

How will you help me compete in the market?

Someone buying with us is more informed and aware than a typical buyer. We’re bringing tremendous foresight, experience, and familiarity to the scene, providing a broader perspective and detailed information on fine details. That makes you the most competitive.

Why do I need to sign up for your services? This feels like a commitment ...

The Getter Group takes client work very seriously. To fully devote ourselves to researching, locating, and suggesting potential properties (not to mention sending photo and video tours), as well as supporting and advocating on your behalf, we need to know you’re in on the process with us. By registering, you’re investing in a smooth purchase experience and will be working with us as partners.

I’m already an experienced buyer. Do I still stand to benefit from your services?

Every buyer – no matter how practiced – gains from having someone by his side throughout the complex process of an apartment purchase, from the initial contract phase to the mortgage stage, from the first and last inspections to final registration. In Israel, knowing "the system" isn't just a perk. It's a prerequisite. Therefore, advocacy services aren’t an extra, they’re essential, and they’re not an expense, they’re an investment.

Buying a home in Israel is expensive enough. Why should I pay for this, too?

Choosing to work with The Getter Group is choosing to invest in your peace of mind — as well as your home purchase experience. This is an investment that actually minimizes your overall expenses, as The Getter Group typically helps clients save money in areas they may not even be aware of. We also ensure you get the most value for your money, so whatever you spend, you’ll get the maximum mileage from it.

How much money will you save me?

Getting discounts isn't our ultimate goal. We do endeavor to save you money, but our real mission is ensuring that your money goes the farthest it can — and that you’re making a solid expenditure with it, whether you’re buying a forever home, vacation apartment, or investment property.

My budget isn’t so high. Do you work with people at every price point?

We assist buyers with budgets of all sizes — big and small. Mr. Getter views himself as a shaliach and will work extra hard for those with limited funds, ensuring they get the most for their money.

Will I still be making my own decisions if I work with The Getter Group? Or will you be making them for me?

You make the ultimate calls, of course. Our team helps with research, documentation, and support. We provide the perspective so you can make educated choices.

I already feel stressed and pressured enough. Having another party involved sounds even more tedious ...

Buyers feel pushed by sellers, real estate brokers, everyone. When the Getter Group is in the picture, we don't let any side feel that tension. We encourage clients to take their time, do their research, and carefully examine their options before making decisions. The dirah you need will come to you; that’s bitachon at work.

I’ll be needing a transfer service, mortgage broker, lawyer, architect, designer, and other pros when I find a place. Will you help me find those people? And will you work with them on my behalf?

Yes and yes! We have a mortgage broker and lawyer on our team, and we’ll gladly refer you to any other professionals you need. We work with and even coordinate all the involved parties.

Will you track of every part of the process or do I need to maintain my own records?

We track every payment, piece of paperwork, deadline, and so on, documenting everything in your file.

Will you be there to answer my questions and address my concerns? Or is this a one-size-fits-all package?

We’re here to assist in whatever way we can and however you need, throughout the purchase process. We’re available via phone, email, and WhatsApp, and endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you work throughout the entire country or only in the major chareidi centers?

We currently assist buyers purchasing apartments in Yerushalayim, Ramat Beit Shemesh, and other new areas being developed, where we have many options and are well connected. We are always looking to expand our market and will update if we add any new cities to our sphere.

I live in Israel. Will you still take me as a client?

We happily assist buyers from everywhere, including Israel.

Who are your clients? Do I fit the profile?

Our clients are money-smart individuals who value expertise. They choose to lean on someone else’s experience and education and receive professional guidance, rather than making mistakes and paying for them later (both financially and emotionally). If you’re reading and relating to this, you fit the profile!

Can I speak to some of your former clients?

Yes! We’re happy to share references and love when people call our former clients. We give out real names, of people living all over the world.

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