A Story & A Mission

A Glimpse Inside The Getter Group

“I wanted to invest in Eretz Yisrael, and I realized I needed someone who knows what he’s doing. Shia Getter is very good. … [But] two years later, I wanted to buy an apartment for myself [and not as an investment].

“I made a mistake. The mistake was that … I said I didn’t need Shia Getter. I was just buying on paper. I had family down the block, and I figured they could take care of everything. …

“That was a tremendous mistake that led to more mistakes. The lawyer missed a payment, there was a penalty, we had a late closing, we couldn’t get there in time for closing… Without Shia Getter, we lost over $30,000 and suffered tremendous aggravation and delay… I would have saved so much more by going with Shia!

“If I ever have to do anything with real estate in Eretz Yisrael again, it’s definitely worth whatever you pay to work with The Getter Group.” — I.B., Lakewood

You’re our why

We want to bring Israel closer to people. We want to help buyers do it right. There are too many losses, headaches, and hassles. Too many frustrated buyers. Too many people saying, “Never again.” We’ve heard and seen it all — and we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s our story


While serving as gabbai of Romema’s Ganei Geula shul, Mr. Shia Getter met so many people renting here or looking to rent out their dirahs.


A business was born, he began by helping with short-term rentals and apartment management.


As he gained expertise and knowledge, Shia saw a real need for a buyer’s brokerage and advocacy service.


He created The Getter Group, bringing on first-rate professionals to form a powerful team.


Shia launches his book "Everything you need to Know about Buying Real Estate in Israel, educating and empowering buyers around the globe.


Shia receives an Outstanding Leadership Award in Dubai UAE for his contributions to the Israeli Real Estate Industry.

Realty 2.0 - Outstanding Leadership Award

2022 | Dubai, UAE

With over 17 years experience a strong reputation for integrity and trustworthiness; and a tremendous amount of research to his name, Shia is the expert on all things Israeli real estate. He has:

  • Conducted countless interviews
  • Commissioned a case study
  • Written 2 books on buying real estate in Israel
  • Assisted hundreds of buyers
  • Saved clients millions of shekels
  • Created a safe space for chutznik buyers
"If there’s something to know about Israeli real estate or property value, we’re there.
We understand the mindsets of Anglos, speak your language, and cherish ongoing relationships with our clients.
We’re able to help in the way you need — and do it all the way."

Mr. Shia Getter wants to save buyers the time, money, and heartache of going it alone when buying in Israel. That’s why he began — and why he continues. He loves helping people achieve their dream of owning a
piece of Artzeinu Hakedosha. And he’s had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients do just that.

“I try to treat each purchase as if I were buying it myself,” Shia says. “I believe I do my work as a shelichus, to be here for people. This is what drives me to continue.”